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              At Strategies, we believe that the way you pay salon and spa staff can affect everything from bottom-line profits to customer loyalty. We believe that Team-Based Pay is the only way to ensure that your team is working together with shared goals that all lead to extraordinary customer satisfaction in your salon, spa or medspa business.

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              Ready to grow a world-class salon, spa or medical spa business? Its now easier than ever with the proven salon management systems and unrivaled support of Strategies Membership Program, where you get unlimited access to our salon business coaches & consultants, business seminars, on-site training and webinars all for one low monthly price.

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              • “Before working with Strategies, I worked all the time and never took a paycheck. Now, I work only when I want, and always take a paycheck. They literally saved my business.” Ann Bray – The Masters – Huntsville, AL (Lead Hair Designer – The Hunger Games)

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              Tired of watching of money come in, but little-to-none falling to the bottom line? More often than not, the profit you seek is hiding right there in your salon or spa it just takes the right salon management systems and thinking to find it. So if youre ready to start reaping the benefits of healthy profits, and less time worrying about where they all went, were ready to show you how.

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